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History & Background

Late Rai Bahadur M. S. Oberoi
Late Rai Bahadur
M. S. Oberoi
EIH Press was established in 1974 by the Late Rai Bahadur M. S. Oberoi, founder of the Oberoi Group of Hotels, one of Asia's foremost hospitality enterprises. A far cry from the grandeur of the hotels, the press had an extremely humble beginning. Set up in a small shed within the premises of the Oberoi Maidens Hotel at Delhi with just two letterpress machines and a workforce of eight people, the press had a very limited role - to be an in-house print facility for providing timely supplies of hotel stationery to various hotels of the Group.

Today, EIH Press presents a complete contrast. The tiny print-shop of the early years stands transformed into one of the largest and most technologically advanced print production facilities in the country - a world-class, fully air-conditioned, completely integrated press driven by ongoing technology initiatives, stringent quality control measures and highly skilled human resources. A strong ERP programme operates across all key processes. In fact, few presses in the country can offer this level of process integration.

From all kinds of print production to complete pre-press processes including high-end scanning and digital image editing to finishing, the facility is geared to handle print solutions on an end-to-end basis without any reliance on external resources.

Till 1995, the EIH Printing Press was an in-house facility, expanding steadily as the needs of the Oberoi Group increased with time. As the Group grew and spread across the globe, the demands on the press also grew rapidly. This called for rapid expansion, technological upgrades and capacity enhancement. This marked the beginning of the transformation process.

The organisation began offering its services to external customers in 1996. As part of a well-planned growth strategy, EIH Press started out with a focus on the banking sector, specialising in handling the stationery requirements of large MNC banks, helping them in centralising purchases and obtaining, in the process, highly competitive rates along with significant cost advantages.

Mr. P. R. S. Oberoi
Mr. P. R. S. Oberoi
The expansion initiatives were driven by Mr. P. R. S. Oberoi who took on the mantle from Rai Bahadur M. S. Oberoi. He initiated a well-planned growth strategy and backed it up with significant investments. The implementation of this strategy created a more focussed, more efficient and more competitive press that was able to expand beyond its in-house role to cater to a wide variety of MNC customers.

As a result of this initiative, the EIH Press transformed itself into a high-performance strategic business unit, offering its services to a host of blue chip multinational customers.