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Finishing process are an important and integral part of the job. Proper finishing to a well printed job is what differentiates a good job from a great job. EIH Press has a highly automated finishing department which offers a range of coatings for your jobs apart from services like folding, binding, envelope making etc.

  1. Polar Cutting machine
    POLAR Germany
    Fully Automatic with computerized controls

  2. Envelope Making Machine (with 2 color Printing)
    "FIRST IN ASIA" Winkeler - Dunniebier,
    Germany 24,000 Envelopes / Hr

  3. Folding Machine 
    STAHL by Heidelberg Germany
    a) 25 X 36
    b) 18 X 25
    32 folds at a time with 1000 pages / Hr

  4. Saddle Stitcher Muller Martini,
    3,000 Books / Hr

  5. Perfect Binder - Binding Machine
    HORAFF - Germany
    290 Books / Hr